Why You Should Not Avoid Home Inspection

Buying a house is one of the most important decisions to make in life. The excitement of a new home, décor, furniture, and carpets, you may tend to forget a very crucial decision – home inspection. In fact, inspecting a property is the simplest way to avoid a mistake of buying a house that needs major repairs or renovation. This means that if you skip this process, you’re likely to lose the chance to have a professional overview of the property you’re buying.

Here are some reasons why you should not avoid home inspection

Uncover Safety Issues

broken roofOne of the main reasons for a home inspection is to uncover issues with the property, even if it’s a newly constructed house. In most cases, some of the issues discovered aren’t life threatening, but on a few occasions, you may be surprised with the findings. For instance, professional property inspection may uncover some serious electrical wiring issues, which put may put the life of the occupant at risk. Other common issues may include inoperable windows, plumbing deficiencies, and worn roofing. Without proper home inspection, all these issues may put your safety in danger.

Detection of Structural Issues in the Property

This is yet another reason why you should never avoid home inspection when buying a home. It’s important to find out if there are any structural issues with the property. Structural issues can cost the buyer a lot of money to correct. To avoid such unnecessary expenses in the future, consider working with a home inspector who is also a structural engineer. Structural engineers have experience in identifying structural issues like cracks in the foundation, walls or ceiling.

Uncover Possible Insect and Pest Problems

mosquito The persistent pest and insect problems may probably one of the reasons why the seller is trying to dispose of the property. Perhaps the property is always attacked by some insects or pests. However, if that isn’t the case, many homes usually have pest problems. It’s only through professional home inspection that you will be able to know the insect and pest situation in the property.

Forecast Any Potential Future Expenses

In most cases, the first cost of owning a property is paying the price of the property. Shortly after the purchase, you may need to repair various parts of the plumbing, update the HAVC unit, replace a few doors and windows just to mention a few. Because all these will cost you money, you should use a profession home inspector to help forecast your potential future expenses.
Besides the above-discussed reasons why you should not avoid home inspection, it also helps the buyer to renegotiate on price, detect issues early and helps support the gut feeling.