Three Ways to Design a Comfortable Minimalist Kitchen

Limited space at home does not mean that you can’t have a nice kitchen. With smart planning, you can optimize the use of every corner in your kitchen so that cooking will no longer be a stressful task. Once you feel comfortable there, you will begin to understand how delightful preparing meals by yourself is.

Here are three design tips that will help you to improve your kitchen!

Make Use of the Vertical Space

space efficient kitchenThe wall and windows in the kitchen make perfect storage for your utensils. Many house owners do not think that they can utilize the vertical vacant space in their kitchen. Their minds are often too focused on standing pieces of furniture, such as a cupboard, cabinet, and pantry.

First, you need a rail and hook system on your wall. It is perfect for storing frequently-used utensils because you can reach them without having to open a drawer first. Besides, pans, cooking pots, and woks take too much space if put inside a cabinet. Their shapes also make them difficult to stack with other smaller utensils.

Second, magnetic knife holders will also significantly optimize the space-efficiency in your kitchen. Storing knives in a conventional knife holder is slow because it requires some adjustment first. If you use magnetic holders, you can put the knives to stick on the plate and take them directly without any hassle.

Installing the Right Faucets

faucetsYou use the kitchen’s sink for many purposes, like washing meal ingredients, cleaning the cooking pots, and even get water for cooking. First, we have to focus on the faucet. If the faucet’s mechanism does not support fast workflow and flexibility, preparing meals will feel like a nuisance instead of a joyous activity. For example, if you use the faucet for cleaning stuff, a sprayer model will be your best option. If you install the single-hole, you will get a messy splash everytime you try to wash the dishes.

If speed is a fundamental factor for you, then you should consider installing a touchless kitchen faucet in your kitchen. It is equipped with a sensor that will detect any objects placed within its range, a feature that will be extremely handy when your hands are both full.

Optimize the Space Around Your Fridge

Your fridge takes significant space in the kitchen, and you should not place it far from the sink and the stove. You need to learn the concept of kitchen work triangle so that you can cook efficiently.

Buy magnetic shelves that can stick on the sides of your fridge, and use them to store sachets, recipe cards, etc. You can also place fruits and snacks on top of your refrigerator. If feasible, you can even consider installing a cupboard there.