A Guide to Choosing a Good Caravan Awning

If you are a holiday’s lover or you want some extra space in your home, a caravan awning is a worthy investment for you. An awning improves your caravaning experience while still giving you extra space. The type of caravan awning you choose should be based on your needs. Here is the guide to help you in selecting the best caravan awning.



The last thing you need to do is spend money on an awning only to find that it does not fit your caravan. It is essential for you to ensure that the awning is compatible with your caravan. If you want a full awning, its size should depend on your caravan’s length. Thus, you need to take accurate measurements of your caravan unless you want to buy the freestanding type.


Caravan awning sizes are referred to as A-measurements. This is merely the distance around the channel of the caravan awning plus the distance from every channel’s end to the ground. You can visit the website of your caravan manufacturer to check the size of caravan awnings compatible with your caravan. This saves you time and measuring headache.


Caravan awnings are made using different fabric types. The fabrics differ in terms of looks, weight, and ease of drying. Caravan awning made from light polyester fabrics are easy to use, dries faster, are lighter and more comfortable to pack. However, they are not very durable. On the other hand, those made from using heavy polyester fabric last longer, but they are heavy and more taught and rigid.

If you only need the awning for weekends stays, then the light polyester is ideal for you. On the other hand, if you will require the awning for complex activities, you are better off buying the heavy polyester one.


The frame used can be either glass fiber, steel, or aluminum. If you want your awning to stay out for an extended period, then steel frames are ideal for you. However, steel frames are tough to handle. On the other hand, steel and aluminum frames are easy to handle but not suitable if the awning will stay erected for a long time.


Before you start shopping for an awning, you need to understand the different types in the market. Traditional awnings are typically fixed on the caravan, and they have a changeable roof and walls. Another type is the modular awning which can be easily fixed to other awning helping you get more covered space. On the other hand, a leaning porch awning extends from the caravan as a roof, and it has three walls. A freestanding awning stands alone with four walls. The other type is a sunroof awning which only has a roof with no walls.


Choosing quality over cost is essential. However, it is possible for you to look for an awning which fits your budget. The price typically depends on the fabric and type of awning you are buying. Therefore, a full-length awning will be more expensive because you are using more fabric. Caravan awnings are not hard to find. However, to find the best awing to fit your needs, you need to take your time. With the above tips, you will have an easy time making your choice.