What To Expect When Living in A Condo

It’s moving day, and you are finally getting your furniture and other belongings into your very own condominium. Congratulations! Any day a person takes ownership of his/her new home is indeed momentous, and if you have never before owned a condo, you are in for a unique living experience. Living in a condo is similar to having a house, yet not unlike living in an apartment. Depending on the type of complex in which your home is situated, you can expect a variety of amenities at your disposal. Of course, there are also regulations to which you must adhere.

What should you expect when living in a condo? Here are just a few things:

Be part of the community

As a resident of your community, you are expected to uphold any rules and regulations enforced by said community. Therefore, if there are restrictions with regards to installing satellite dishes and holiday lighting and decorations, or if you wish to do some customized landscaping on your property, you will have to adhere to what your community’s covenant says. Now, as a resident, you do have the right to petition the board for a change – talk with a member of the Council about your concerns.

Living in A Condo

Utilize the social amenities

You may enjoy any number of amenities available to residents. This could include a swimming pool, fitness center, access to the clubhouse, or even golf privileges if you live in a golf community. Maintenance for amenities is typically paid for by your fees, so it’s important that you pay them promptly.

Be active and supportive

If your community is especially active in social events, you may be asked to volunteer your time to some projects. If you have the time to spare, this is an excellent way to get to know your neighbors.Considering the size of your new home, you may have to pare down if you’re coming from a bigger house. Evaluate what you need first before deciding what has to be given away or sold.

Adapt to the new system

hjdhjd874If your community has on-property security, you will be expected to know the regulations with regards to visitors and after-hours security. If guests need parking permits, make sure you have them, so nobody gets towed.

Of course, there are many other things one should expect when moving into a condo complex. You should respect the privacy and wishes of your neighbors, just as you wish them to do the same with you.